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Can you build something awesome in 24 hours?

About Us

We are Melbourne's premier student hackathon - run for students, by students from WIRED Monash.

Teams have 24 hours to design and build something awesome. It can be anything - a website, a mobile application, a video game, or even something hardware. The important thing is that it needs to work when it is presented to the judges.

Whether you are an avid programmer or a first-time hacker, UNIHACK welcomes everyone, regardless of skill level. You will have the opportunity to build, collaborate and learn from your fellow hackers and mentors at the event. The event will also have a number of tech talks throughout to help participants learn new or extend their existing skills.

UNIHACK is organised by WIRED Monash, the IT student society at Monash University Clayton.

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Carlton Connect Initiative

700 Swanston Street

Carlton VIC 3053

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How do I get there?

The best way to get to LAB-14 is catching the route 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 64, 67 or 72 tram towards the University of Melbourne.

If getting to the venue by train, the nearest station is Melbourne Central. Exit via Swanston Street and then catch one of the above trams towards the University of Melbourne.


First Place

$4000 in cash

Membership to the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (worth US$24,000)1

A Raspberry Pi 3 for each member, thanks to Thoughtworks

A Sphero SPRK for each member

1 The team must agree to working on the project and move it forward before claiming it. You cannot use the credit to top up any existing Bluemix or Softlayer account. Subject to program criteria.

Second Place

$2000 in cash

Third Place

$1000 in cash

Best Design

Adobe Creative Cloud for each member

Awarded to project with a good looking and very usable interface design.

Most Creative Idea

A KAISER BAAS Drone for each member

Awarded to the project with the most original idea or reinvention.

People's Choice Award Sponsored by Microsoft

A Xbox One for each member

Awarded to the project that wins the hearts and minds of the people.

IoT: Invented for Life Prize Sponsored by Bosch

Up to $500 worth of Bosch products from across the range

Awarded to Internet of Things project that improves the quality of life and spark enthusiasm.

Universal Design Award Sponsored by Seamless CMS

A student ticket to TEDx Melbourne for each member

Awarded to the project that is usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability or status in life.

Most Elegant Algorithm Award Sponsored by IMC Pacific

A customised WASD V2 keyboard for each member

Awarded to the project demonstrates a solution to a complex problem which is simple elegant (encompasses speed, economy and beauty) and effective.

The Unicorn Prize Sponsored by Accenture

A PlayStation 4 for each member

Part of the Accenture's API Challenge - for the project with the most innovative interpretation and visualization of data, elegancy and code quality.

Best Use of TDD Prize Sponsored by Thoughtworks

A $100 iTunes voucher for each member

Awarded to the project that most successfully applies the use of test cases to their code.

Future Leaders Prize Sponsored by PwC

A seat in PwC's STEM Academy for each member

Awarded to the team that best demonstrates the PwC values during the competition.

Best Marketplace Ready Hack Sponsored by Xero

A Xero Developer Pack each member

Awarded to the project that is ready to be launched on a marketplace, looking at the overall idea and the user experience

Best Social Media Post

To be announced on the day

Awarded to the person who posts a tweet, message, photo or video that sums up UNIHACK.

Best Meme Prize

To be announced on the day

It's obvious. Person who makes the best meme wins.

More to be announced soon

Judging Criteria


Is the hack more than just another generic social/mobile/local app? Does it do something entirely novel, or at least take a fresh approach to an old problem?

Technical Difficulty

Is the hack technically interesting or difficult? Is it just some lipstick on an API, or were there any technical challenges to surmount when building it?

Polish and Design

Is the hack usable in its current state? Is the user experience smooth? Does it work as the creators say? Is it well designed? Our judges will see and/or want to use your prototype - so make sure it works!


Is the hack practical? Is it something people would actually use? Does it fulfil a real need that people have? While you are not required to prepare a business plan, your app should have an audience identified.


Ren Butler

Ren Butler

Startup Market Manager, BlueChilli

I keep BlueChilli connected to the key players in the local, national and international tech startup community. I help early stage founders understand where they are in relation to resources and people. Me and my team put on kickass events educate and connect founders, funders, and other vital decision makers in the innovation landscape. I know how to resolve those seemingly insane problems with creativity and ingenuity (and frankly love it!).

Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier

Director of Strategy and New Business, Australia, Mashery

Jason Cormier is a Product Evangelist for API Platforms, working for TIBCO Mashery. He is passionate about working with Australian businesses to help them reap the benefits of a well-managed API platform and achieve a positive return on investment as a result.

Jo Cranford

Jo Cranford

Engineering Manager, Culture Amp

Jo is an Engineering Manager at Culture Amp, the world's leading culture analytics platform. She loves working with Ruby and JavaScript, is a strong advocate of clean code and good tests, and is passionate about increased diversity in the tech industry. When she's not at her computer she can be found running around the Tan, or biking along the beach.

Atlanta Daniel

Atlanta Daniel

General Partner at Signal Ventures

Part of Signal Ventures, a seed stage venture capital fund for entrepreneurs creating global companies.

Remya Ramesh

Remya Ramesh

Experience Design Lead, Seamless CMS

Remya helps government agencies understand the increasingly sophisticated expectations of users and builds inclusive digital experiences. She comes with over ten years of diverse experience ranging UX/CX design, business analysis, product innovation and digital strategy. A meetup community member, Remya co-organises LadiesThatUX and Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne. She also loves to crochet and dance.

Bernard Schokman

Bernard Schokman

Head of UX & Innovation at Foxley, UX Business Consultant

Dr. Oliver Wolst

Dr. Oliver Wolst

Regional President Automotive Electronics, Bosch

Dr. Oliver Wolst is leading Robert Bosch's Automotive Electronics division in Australia with a portfolio ranging from power diodes manufacturing to product development of body computers and secure gateways for global automotive OEMs. He is holding a PhD in Physics from the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen (Germany) and pursued postdoctoral research on UV emitting laser diodes at XEROX's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) at Stanford, California. After joining Bosch in 2004 as a Management Trainee in Stuttgart he was driving research on electrochemically activated high temperature semiconductors for automotive exhaust gas sensing. In 2007 he took over the responsibility for engineering and manufacturing of laser based distance measurement tools within the business unit Power Tools. Mid 2010 he relocated to Singapore for heading the Corporate Research and advanced engineering activities of the Robert Bosch group in Asia Pacific. Dr. Wolst is a Feodor-Lynen-Fellow of the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation.


Platnium Sponsor

Gold Sponsors


University Partner

Venue Partner

Mixer Night Host


Who is eligible to compete?

UNIHACK is open to all university and TAFE students in Australia. The only requirement is that you must be an enrolled undergraduate, honours, postgraduate or TAFE student when UNIHACK starts on July 30. We reserve the right to cancel your ticket if you do not meet this requirement.

Are we allowed to work on our idea beforehand?

You are not allowed to start any development work on your project before UNIHACK. All development work - code, images, graphics, sounds - must be sourced or developed during the 24 hours. However, you can research any ideas and concepts before the competition begins.

Are we allowed to work on existing projects?

No, you will not be allowed to work on existing projects at UNIHACK. We want to see new ideas that you and your team can come up with in 24 hours. However, you can use your own projects in your idea if it is open sourced.

Are tickets refundable?

No, tickets are not refundable. However, if you are unable to make it, you are free to sell your ticket on the UNIHACKers group or the Facebook event page.

Do I have to stay overnight?

You are not required to stay overnight. However, you will not be allowed to continue working on your project from home. All work must be done at LAB-14.

What is the max team size?

You may have up to four members in your team.

Can I bring alcohol or smoke?

No. The event is a strictly non-alcoholic and non-smoking event.

Do you own my code?

Any intellectual property (e.g. code, images, audio) that you and/or your team create during UNIHACK belongs to you and/or your team.

I have never been to a hackathon. Is that OK?

Certainly! Hackathons are a great way to learn new skills, and there will be mentors on-site to help you along the way to help you build the best possible idea within 24 hours.

I don't have a team for UNIHACK...

Don't worry, we have that covered. Simply go to our Facebook group UNIHACKers and create a post asking if any teams are looking for any additional team members. We also suggest asking the IT student society at your university because they might be organsing a team.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, there is a code of conduct. UNIHACK follows "The Hack Code of Conduct". This applies to all attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff. You can view the code of conduct here.

What should I bring?

A laptop, mobile phone, chargers, and a change of clothes are essential. We highly suggest also bringing a sleeping bag and toiletries if you want to stay the night (there is a shower located on-site).