About Us

Who are we?

We are Australia's largest and premier student hackathon - run for students, by students.

Inspired by the student hackathons in the United States and Europe, UNIHACK was created in 2014 by Terence Huynh from WIRED Monash. Since the very first competition at York Butter Factory, UNIHACK has quickly become one of the go-to hackathons for university students nationwide.

The main purpose of UNIHACK is to showcase the best and talented students currently residing in our universities — the very people who will become the next generation of developers, thinkers, and startup entrepreneurs.

Teams have 24 hours to design and build something awesome. It can be anything - a website, a mobile application, a video game, or even something hardware. The important thing is that it needs to work when it is presented to the judges.

Whether you are an avid programmer or a first-timer, UNIHACK welcomes all types of "hackers" regardless of skill level.

Wired Monash

UNIHACK Melbourne was born out of WIRED Monash, the society for IT students and those who are curious about all things digital at Monash University Clayton. We aim to provide a relaxed atmosphere where students can meet others who share their love, opinions, and collaborate on projects and competitions.

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UNIHACK Sydney is organised by SUITS, the University of Sydney's IT student society. We run social events, hold seminars, teach advanced programming skills, help connect companies with students, and assist communication between staff and students in IT. It is supported by the University of Sydney Union (USU).


Diversity Commitment

The organisers of UNIHACK are committed in increasing the diversity of UNIHACK competitors. We will be collaborating with Women in ICT and Engineering groups across Australia to help promote the event. We will also collaborate with ICT and Engineering groups that represent LGBT students to ensure they are also represented at UNIHACK.

We are also committed in producing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability and religion. All persons involved in UNIHACK are required to comply with the terms set out in the Hack Code of Conduct this year — including attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff.

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Your Privacy

We are committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding any personal information you provide us with, and aim to only collect information essential to the running of our hackathons.

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